HMCS workshops on electronic filing

April 25, 2008

HM Courts Service is running workshops in Birmingham and London on how electronic filing and document management (EFDM) will work in the civil and family courts. Read the rest of this entry »

Judge has more than one interest in trees

April 24, 2008

A letter in yesterday’s Times throws a new light on the interest which His Honour Judge Simon Brown QC has in electronic disclosure. As regular readers know, Judge Brown is an enthusiastic proponent of cutting down litigation costs by tight management of disclosure. His letter, “Planes to refresh the city’s masses” was prompted by a recent Times article about cutting down trees – or rather, about not cutting them down because of the value attributable to them under the new Cavat scheme. Read the rest of this entry »

XBundle lifts bar to electronic court bundles

April 24, 2008

It has been observed unkindly that a high proportion of my research seems to be done in bars. I find them good places to pick up information, especially if everyone else drinks and I do not. Perhaps it is less to do with drink and more with not being in an office – today’s assignation with a software company is in a patisserie, for example. It was at a bar, a while back now, that I met Robert Onslow, who stuck in the mind as the only software developer I know who is at the other kind of bar.

Robert combines a busy practice as a barrister specialising in IP and computer–related cases with the development of a software application called XBundle. He and fellow-director Andrew Steven had come up with an idea for replicating electronically the paper bundles which Robert used in court. The concept was simple. The only target was to achieve an efficient electronic substitute for the paper bundles. Anything which went further than that was ruled out. Read the rest of this entry »

Insider gremlins being fixed

April 21, 2008

My surmise as to why January’s edition of Legal Technology Insider has come back to haunt us seems to have been correct (see Gremlins delay warning of EDD trolls).

Charles Christian writes at once to say that a bug in the system of their EX internet service provider keeps re-sending December and January’s editions.

The April edition will be out later this week.


Gremlins delay warning of EDD trolls

April 21, 2008

Giving your predictions for the year at the end of April is a bit like going to the bookies as the Grand National field crosses the Melling Road for the second time (not that that would have done you much good this year). Looking more closely, I see that the edition of Legal Technology Insider which hit my In Box this morning is that from January, and I can see from the header that it was indeed sent on 23 January.

That would pose an interesting conundrum for a lawyer examining the metadata in his opponent’s electronic disclosure, especially as I got the January message in January as well. I suspect that a Gremlin has intervened as an ISP somewhere along the line restored an old backup.

Nevertheless, as I read it with a growing sense of déju vu, I came across an article I missed on my first reading. It was by Simon Price of Recommind and was headed Dinosaurs and trolls in 2008. I am seeing Simon Price on Thursday, so I thought I ought to read it. Read the rest of this entry »

Aural Guidance on e-Disclosure

April 21, 2008

Something called the e-Disclosure Information Project is necessarily interested in exploring beyond the traditional speaking and writing ways of getting that information across, and this year has brought a number of recorded opportunities.

The Project is a loose confederation of a consultant, a judge and a litigation lawyer – me, HHJ Simon Brown QC and Mark Surguy of Pinsent Masons – plus those who sponsor my time (effectively all of my time now) in keeping the information flowing. One of the most active of the sponsors is Guidance Software, whose Patrick Burke was described to me last week (by someone who did not know I knew him) as being willing to go anywhere to find out about, and speak about, e-disclosure in any jurisdiction.

The common thread here is that each of Judge Brown, Mark Surguy and I have recently taken part in recorded sessions – podcasts and webinars – in company with Guidance Software. You may like to hear them. Read the rest of this entry »

ILTA 2008: e-Disclosure – the next risky business

April 17, 2008

This was the title of the second e-disclosure session at ILTA INSIGHT 2008 in London – the first was on Judicial training in e-Disclosure. George Rudoy of Shearman & Sterling, and UK e-disclosure consultant Andrew Haslam talked about risk management, with Sally Gonzalez of Michael Farrell Group as Moderator.

The disclosure of electronic evidence is becoming a major expense for corporates, and a major revenue stream for lawyers and providers of technical and related services. Forrester Research estimates that the business will be worth $4.8 billion by 2011, whatever efforts are made by the courts to contain this expense.

There is corresponding competition to capture this revenue as between the lawyers and the outsourced providers, with corresponding interest on the part of some corporates to keep as much of the work in house as they can. Read the rest of this entry »


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