Law Society Seminar – Disclosure – the risks after Hedrich

March 10, 2009

I spoke yesterday at a seminar organised by the Law Society and sponsored by Legal Inc and Millnet. The theme was as foreshadowed in my article Law Society Disclosure Seminar in London and was implicit in the name I gave it: Disclosure – the risks after Hedrich.

The title referred to Disclosure rather than e-Disclosure because the electronic side to this subject is servant to the primary obligation to give disclosure of documents under Part 31 CPR. It referred to Hedrich because although the solicitors in Hedrich v Standard Bank London were found not to have been negligent, and beat off the wasted costs application brought against them, I am not sure I would count it much of a victory to have had to come off the record in mid-trial and then go all the way to the Court of Appeal to fight off the claim that my failure to spot my clients’ disclosure failings had caused loss (and how) to the other party. Read the rest of this entry »


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