Guidance Software Webinar – Migrating to the Cloud: Navigating the E-Discovery Challenges

January 13, 2012

Guidance Software has provided a link to a recording of a live webinar which went out to a large audience – perhaps not surprisingly given the subject-matter and the participants. Its self-explanatory title is Migrating to the Cloud: Navigating the E-Discovery Challenges.

Scott Carlson is a partner at Seyfarth Shaw whose practice is exclusively devoted to discovery and the issues it raises. I have personal experience of his eDiscovery knowledge because we have sat together as members of Guidance’s Strategic Advisory Board. Patrick Burke, Senior Director and Assistant General Counsel at Guidance Software, was the moderator at the first webinar I ever recorded, and someone I have shared platforms with in the US, the UK and Germany.

This webinar, introduced by Guidance Software’s Russ Gould, considers in a very practical way the e-Discovery challenges which are faced by corporations who have moved, or are planning to move, data and applications to the cloud.

The registration page is here.


Recommind names Nick Patience as Director of Product Marketing and Strategy

January 13, 2012

I have just written an article which, amongst other things, referred to the difficulty which eDiscovery / eDisclosure providers face in recruiting appropriately skilled and experienced talent for what is, for many of them, a market which grows almost weekly. There was nothing deeply perceptive in my observation that their only options are to recruit from rivals in the same business or to induce talented people to cross over from another industry sector.

There are no limits as to where good people might come from, although an ex-civil servant might perhaps find the hours, the urgency and the need to make judgements rather daunting. A good brain, agility of thought, a focus on real objectives and the ability to get on with others are the prime qualifications, although knowledge and experience of the industry is an obvious asset.

Nick Patience, co-founder of 451 Research, meets all these criteria and more, and Recommind has taken him on as its Director of Product Marketing and Strategy. Few analysts and commentators in the information governance/eDiscovery fields have Nick’s depth of knowledge about the subject on both side of the Atlantic, perhaps because he has worked on both sides. Read the rest of this entry »

Nuix snaps up Jim Kent as MD for Europe as 7Safe falls to PA Consulting

January 13, 2012

Looking at my headline for this article, I see that its necessary brevity includes two implied assumptions, neither of which is necessarily accurate. The “as” which connects the two halves of the headline (“Nuix snaps up… as 7Safe falls”) implies that one of the two events (and it could be either) was a consequence of the other, whereas this could be a coincidence (a similar point arose when Jack Halprin moved from Autonomy to Google seconds before the HP-Autonomy acquisition was announced). The shorthand expression “falls to” implies reluctance (the expression properly belongs in the world of hostile bids), whereas this may, for all I know, be the culmination of a long term strategy.

It is only when you come to write headlines that you see how boxed-in you are by the need both to catch the eye and to maximise the power of Google’s indexes. A completely different impression could have been given by reversing the order of the words – “PA consulting snaps up 7Safe as Jim Kent falls to Nuix as MD Europe” would give a completely different emphasis.

Back to the stories. Nuix is a fast-growing provider of eDiscovery, electronic investigation and information governance software. It has the same problem as every other major player in the eDiscovery / eDisclosure market – there are not enough good people out there with the appropriate skills to give clients the support and advice that they need. There is not time for them to grow their own and, in any event, the grey hairs of experience are in shortest supply. They can be found only by recruiting from rivals or from other sectors. Read the rest of this entry »


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