My Google Plus eDiscovery and eDisclosure posts to 6 April

A two-day absence in a place where cellular data has yet to penetrate put me behind in the routine task of picking up useful articles and putting links to them on my Google Plus page.

Google’s enthusiasm for rolling out new features seems to have outstripped both its ability to handle the basics and its provision of any form of usable support. I am unable to edit posts at the moment – any attempt to save changes gives the message There was a problem saving your page. Please try again. Trying again yields no better answer.

The sunny uplands of Google’s formal help sections do not appear to admit of the possibility of problems. The alternative is a messy forum in which every user dumps questions and issues. An ordinary Google search may turn up the words you are looking for, but then just puts you at the top of an unsorted, unfiltered list of hundreds of questions, none of which ever seems to be answered. The only way to correct the error is to copy the contents to a new post, correct the error (in my case just a missing apostrophe), save the new one and delete the original.

The more positive side, justifying even this tiresomeness, is that the links from here index well in Google. This week’s G+ posts, excluding those which link back to my own Blog, are:

Joanna Goodman on the Commercial Litigation Association (CLAN) conference in London

FCPA expert Michael Volkov move to “entrepreneurial” LeClairRyan

Ten years of eDiscovery mergers, acquisitions and investments

Are you a Data Controller or a Data Processor? It might be helpful to know

Judge Waxse sets an evidential hearing on hearing of obviously inadequate search

A window into eDiscovery disputes – Day 2 of the Kleen Products case

CY4OR seeks Champions for Sales and Marketing Roles in the North-West

ASIC signs Three-Year Contract with Nuix for Electronic Investigation Software

Predictive Coding – its Providers and its Synonyms from Rob Robinson

Guidance Software launches EnCase Forensic 7.03 for Faster, More Efficient Investigations

Google Apps Vault Brings Information Governance to Google Apps

Law Firms take note: Nikon takes Symantec’s Clearwell eDiscovery Platform in house


A family trip to Exmoor

What was my excuse for taking two days out at the beginning of the week? It was for a long-standing family arrangement to liberate my father’s ashes from the mantelpiece on which they have sat for 18 months and scatter them somewhere he felt he would like to be.

There was plenty of discovery involved in this, in a recherche du temps perdu kind of way, but no eDiscovery. I have written about it on a non-work blog in an article called Tripping down memory lane as we scatter ashes on Exmoor.


About Chris Dale

I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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