ZyLAB shows its range with papers on email archiving and eDiscovery in social media

Two main factors distinguish information management and eDiscovery provider ZyLAB from most of its competitors. One is the exceptional range of its activities, from enterprise information management through to every eDiscovery function. The other is that, whilst having a substantial US presence, it is equally rooted in mainland Europe (it is in the Netherlands) and the UK.

These are significant factors in a business world where the life-cycle of information from creation through to production matters very much, where a tweet may have no less evidential importance than a folder of emails, and where business is global. The privacy and data protection implications alone make this latter point a significant component of ZyLAB’s appeal.

There is in fact a third element and that is the fact that ZyLAB has been around for 30 years. It is as aware as anyone that history matters less than this year’s products set, but staying power and experience matters as well.

The very wide range of ZyLAB’s activities is illustrated by the recent publication of two white papers whose subject-matter is at opposite ends of the scale. One relates to email archiving and is written for the benefit of legal and information (risk) management professionals in corporations. The other is about the newest challenges at the other end of the information management scale, eDiscovery of social media. Despite their differing primary audiences, both papers are of importance to anyone involved in information management both within a corporation and within the law firms and others who advise them.

Both these papers can be found here.

The email archiving paper is called Your first step towards enterprise information archiving, and is written by Mary Mack, Enterprise Technology Counsel at ZyLAB. It covers the legal risks and regulatory requirements involved in the management and archiving of email, looks at the IT challenges and at the discovery challenges, and goes on to consider the benefits in cost and compliance terms of building an eDiscovery-ready email archive. It ends with helpful case studies.

The second paper is called eDiscovery in social media – “if it exists, it is discoverable” and is written by Annelore van der Lint. Those who are regular readers of my writings will be aware that the discovery of social media has been a constant theme of mine during the last few months. Whilst, as the paper’s title promises, the primary focus is on giving discovery of social media, the paper emphasises that the ability to deal with all this stuff begins before it is even created, with internal policies, appropriate software tools and comprehensive training and education.

These are but two of a comprehensive range of papers and reports on ZyLAB’s site. The latter is a model of its kind, with each element of ZyLAB’s services and software clearly set out. A tagline on the home page read “Information you can use”, and that promise is borne out by these two papers and the other resources which ZyLAB makes available. There is a lot of good reading here, going well beyond mere product marketing.

About Chris Dale

I have been an English solicitor since 1980. I run the e-Disclosure Information Project which collects and comments on information about electronic disclosure / eDiscovery and related subjects in the UK, the US, AsiaPac and elsewhere
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